Proposed Rule

The Idaho State Department of Education (Department) is taking public comment on proposed rulemaking docket no. 08-0203-1705, regarding revisions to the Idaho Content Standards. All comments received by the Department by October 25, 2017, will be published on the Department’s website. You can view the proposed changes to the content standards, public comments received during the April 2017 public comment period, and supporting documentation at at Proposed Rules - Idaho Content Standards - Science, Driver Education, and Information & Communication Technology.
DESCRIPTIVE SUMMARY: The following is a statement in nontechnical language of the substance and purpose of the intended negotiated rulemaking and the principle issues involved:
Proposed rule docket no. 08-0203-1705 amends the Idaho Content Standards for Science, Driver Education, and Information & Communication Technology.

Idaho Content Standards describe what Idaho students should know and be able to do at each grade level in certain content areas. Content standards are reviewed by teams of Idaho educators on a rotating basis every six (6) years to ascertain whether changes or revisions are necessary to ensure that the most current and effective standards form the foundational basis for instruction, which is the responsibility of each local public school district. 

While the changes in to the Driver Education and Information & Communication Technology Content Standards are relatively minor, the shift in Science Content Standards is significant as it focuses on students demonstrating deep knowledge of scientific principles and processes by engaging directly in ‘doing’ science. This emphasis on performance and learning by doing is a paradigm shift with direct implications for growing a scientifically literate citizenry and workforce. It also reflects the deep interest and profound concern in raising the bar in science education indicated by several years of public and legislative input.

These Science Content Standards were temporarily approved by the Idaho Legislature during the 2017 legislative session with the exception of five (5) paragraphs, which can be found in blue strike-through text on pages 47, 48, 51, 54, & 70 of the Science Standards document.  The Department was asked to gather additional public comment and consider revisions to the five (5) paragraphs that address both positive and negative impacts.

The Department gathered public comments and held meetings across the state in April, 2017. Over 1,000 comments were received during this time, most of which spoke in favor of retaining the language in the five (5) removed paragraphs with little or no change.

The Science Standards Working Committee convened on May 12, 2017, to recommend revisions to the five (5) paragraphs in the Science Standards. The revisions to each paragraph can be found directly below each section of blue strike-out text.

On August 10, 2017, the Idaho State Board of Education approved the revised Content Standards for Science, Driver Education, and Information and Communication Technology.

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