NPE Comes to the Midwest! NPE Supporter Webinar Featuring Phyllis Bush

This will be the first in our exclusive series for supporters. NPE's fifth annual conference will take place in Indianapolis on October 20 and 21. Our unofficial hostess from the state of Indiana will be Phyllis Bush, who left behind a career as a classroom teacher to become that state's most visible organizer in defense of public schools. Since founding Northeast Indiana Friends of Public Education in 2011, Phyllis has helped elect an educator as state superintendent of schools, and lobbied effectively for better candidates and policies. At this webinar she will talk about the state of education politics in the Midwest, and the challenges and opportunities we have this fall. We will also take a look at some of the highlights from the upcoming conference. Hosted by Anthony Cody. When: Saturday, Sep. 15, 1:30 pm EST, 10:30 am Pacific time. Sign up here.

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