Prioritizing Important Communications and Relationship Competencies

The purpose of this survey is to understand how leaders like you would prioritize a list of 20 competencies which enable technologists, scientists, and subject matter experts to develop the communications and relationship skills they need to become true consultants and advisors to their clients.

We believe that all of these competencies are important.  That said, we are trying to prioritize their importance to you and your specific situation and experience.  The question which follows will ask you to assign one of four priorities to each competency:  Most important and critical, fourth or top quartile; Next most important, third quartile; Less important still, second quartile; Least important, first quartile.

 As you complete the first pass of your responses, you will probably notice that the distribution of competency levels is not even across the four priority levels.  Please go back and move individual levels up and down, so that the competencies are closely balanced (4-6 in each priority level) across the four priority levels.  

 When you are satisfied that you your rankings appropriately represent your judgment, submit your survey response by clicking Done.

 This study is a collaborative effort of Partners International, Discovery Consulting, and Ascendent Leadership.  Thanks for helping us with our research!

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* 3. For each competency listed below, please rate its relative importance to you or consultants you manage.  Distribute your responses evenly (no less than four and no more than six in any one quartile) across the four quartiles of Importance, from Fourth (Top) to First (bottom) quartile.

  Critically important, Fourth (Top) Quartile Very Important, Third Quartile Important, Second Quartile Less Important, First Quartile
Stating and defending consultant beliefs without being aggressive
Asking powerful questions
Active listening
Customer focus and presence
Delivering difficult messages
Aligning with the client’s vision
Awareness of personal emotions
Resolving conflict
Business acumen – general
Demonstrating confidence
Identifying alternative strategies, choosing the best
Identifying, validating client requirements
Executive presence
Asking relevant questions
Identifying, managing barriers
Reading others’ emotions
Business acumen – specific to client firm or industry
Telling relevant stories
Understanding client relationship needs
Describing a clear path to the client vision

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* 4. Are there other competencies that you feel are quite important that you did not see listed above?

We very much appreciate your participation our survey.  When the survey is complete, we will send you a copy of the results, if you have given us your permission to email material to you by filling in your email information above.