General Facility

* 1. What is your main reason or motivation for using University Fitness Center?

* 2. How important were the following when joining or renewing your membership at University Fitness Center?

  Extremely Important Important Moderately Important N/A
Competence of Staff

* 3. How would you rate University Fitness Center on the following:

  Excellent Good Average Fair Poor
Customer Service
Hours of Operation
Value of Your Membership
Knowledge of Staff
General Cleanliness
Locker Room Cleanliness

* 4. Please rate your satisfaction of the following University Fitness Center areas and/or programs:

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied  N/A - I do not use this area! 
Weight Room
Group Fitness Program
Cardio Center
Aquatic Programs
Basketball Courts
Indoor Track
Youth Exercise
Fitness Cafe
Parking and Security
Locker Rooms

* 5. The staff of UFC strives to provide a friendly, and welcoming atmosphere to all members. In regards to Knowledge, Availability, Approachability, Assistance and Friendliness, how would you rate the following staff members:

  Excellent Good Average Fair Poor 
Front Desk Staff
Management Staff
Weight Room Staff
Custodial Staff
Aquatic Staff
Group Fitness Instructors
Youth Exercise Staff
Fitness Cafe Staff 

* 6. Please rate the following areas on cleanliness

  Excellent Good Average Fair Poor N/A - I do not use this area
Group Exercise Rooms
Weight Room 
Aquatic Area
Front Desk 
Youth Exercise
Basketball Courts
Cardio Area 

* 7. Do you enjoy the music that is played in the weight room?