Hi folks,

We're looking for ways to expand and improve the NYC Information Architecture Meetup Group.

Please take a few minutes to share your feedback and suggestions.


* 1. What do you want to get out of the IA Meetup? Rate your level of interest in the following:

  Not interested Somewhat interested Very interested
Socializing / casual networking
Developing your skills / knowledge
Sharing your knowledge with others
Finding a job or freelance gigs

* 2. Event idea: Topic Discussions

Would you be interested in events centered around a specific discussion topic, in which anyone can contribute informally? The topic would be announced beforehand, and participants would be encouraged to bring their laptops to share ideas and insights. Members would be welcome to submit topic ideas for future discussions.

* 3. Event idea: Short Presentations

Would you be interested in short presentations on specific, practical topics that you can apply immediately in your work? Possible format:

- 20 minute presentation
- 5 minute Q&A
- Post-presentation networking

* 4. What times are you available for events? Rate your level of interest in the following:

  Not interested Somewhat interested Very interested
Weekday mornings before work (short events, est. 8am to 9am)
Weekdays during business hours
Weekdays after work

* 5. Here it is, the big open-ended box -- not limited to 140 characters!

We're looking for your ideas on:

- Types of events
- Presentation topics
- Online tools & resources
- Anything else that pops into your head

* 6. Know of a space we could use for events? How many people will it accommodate?

(Check more than one if you know of multiple spaces, and be sure to enter your contact info in the final question.)

* 7. You don't need to be a rockstar guru to share some wisdom.

What are some topics on which you could contribute to the community (even if you're a newbie in other areas)?

* 8. Feel free to remain anonymous, but it would be really cool if we could contact you with follow-up questions.

Don't forget to click the tiny "Done" button below.