* 1. I post articles on Fridays, figuring you can read them over the weekend just like the actual Sunday Magazine. Is there a better day to post them?

* 2. Every post includes a link to the PDF of the entire article so it's easier to read. Have you ever downloaded one of those PDFs?

* 3. How do you read SundayMagazine.org?

* 4. I usually provide a quote, commentary, or other context along with the article. If I just posted the article images with links to full PDFs, and included no other text, would it matter to you?

* 5. Although it's not possible now, in the future I'd like to provide the plaintext versions of these articles so they can be more easily read on various devices. How important is that to you?

* 6. Have you ever posted, tweeted, emailed, or otherwise shared something interesting you found on SundayMagazine.org?

* 7. Do you have any other comments, ideas, or suggestions? I'd love to get any feedback from readers about what you'd like to see more of (or less of) on SundayMagazine.org.