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In this survey, when we say "the DPPL Web site," we mean: the Des Plaines Public Library Web site at, plus related sites such as our online Catalog, blogs such as PlainTalk, Positively Ellinwood Street, Kidding Around and the Blog of AWESOME, plus reference resources that are linked to our site, such as our Autism Resource Center.

* 1. I typically visit the DPPL Web site...

* 2. I like to access Web sites from my mobile phone.

* 3. I most frequently visit the DPPL Web site to...(choose as many as you'd like)

* 4. Where do you typically access the Library's home page?

* 5. I have read the following library blogs:

* 6. While visiting the DPPL Web site, I would like to (choose all that apply):

* 7. My favorite part of the DPPL Web site is...

* 8. The part of the DPPL Web site that most frustrates me is...

* 9. I'd like to see more information about the following topic on the DPPL Web site (i.e. local government, local businesses, local news, book reviews, movie reviews, subject guides on a particular topic of study/personal interest, etc.) :

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