2016 Yoyo Chinese Customer Service/Office Assistant Survey

Hello! Thank you for applying for the Customer Service/Office Assistant position at Yoyo Chinese. Now that you've had the chance to learn about us, it's time for us to get to know more about you. We'd like to invite you to fill out the survey below.

Relax – there are no right or wrong answers here. So go ahead and get started, and hopefully you'll have some fun with this.

Please also send your resume to career@yoyochinese.com with the subject line “Why did the dumpling cross the road?”

We look forward to reading your answers.

- The Yoyo Chinese Team

* 1. Basic Information

* 2. How is your past experience (work, school, life) related to this position?

* 3. What attracts you to this position?

* 4. Name some of your specific skills that could be related to this position. (e.g. Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Photoshop, inDesign, audio/video production or editing, writing, telling jokes, systems management, etc.)

* 5. Describe a situation that demonstrates you are a proactive person and someone who takes initiative.

* 6. Tell us about a time you thought outside the box to overcome an obstacle or a difficult situation.

* 7. At Yoyo Chinese, we believe everyone has a mutant power, something we can naturally do better than others, or something that makes us interesting and unique. What's YOUR mutant power? What makes YOU interesting? :)

* 8. Anything else we should know about you?

Hurray! You've completed our survey!

Don't forget to send your resume to career@yoyochinese.com with the subject line "Why did the dumpling cross the road?" 
We'll review your survey answers and resume soon and contact you within 3 business days if we are going to move forward.

We hope you had fun filling out this survey and got to know a little more about yourself along the way.

Thanks again for applying and have a wonderful day!

- The Yoyo Chinese Team