We use this survey to program workshops based on the needs and interests of artists in Nova Scotia. For our 40th Anniversary we are interested in offering more workshops and information sessions around the province. Please help us to develop workshops in your neighborhood by circulating this survey to artists in your area.

* 1. Are you a current member of Visual Arts Nova Scotia? Join or Renew online today.

* 2. In what region of the province do you live in?

* 3. Lately we have been offering alternative styles of professional development workshops, including online webinars and 2 day intensives. What format of workshops would you prefer?

* 4. Our standard 3 hour workshops have been offered at $40 for members and $55 for non-members.

Which of these workshops would you be interested in registering for in our Spring 2017 series?

Detailed workshop descriptions for our last series are on our website here.

* 5. VANS offers information sessions on topics relevant to your professional practice. Would you be interested in attending any of the following? Please let us know in the comment box if there is a topic we are missing that you would like to see offered.

* 6. VANS has offered Peer-to-Peer discussions, to promote discussion of opportunities and professional techniques between VANS Members in your region. Past topics have included Strategies for Time Management, Exhibiting in Alternative Spaces, and the Value of Pay-to-Show Exhibitions. Would you sign up for and attend these organized, peer-led discussions in your area?

* 7. When would you prefer to take workshops?

* 8. Thank you for taking our Workshop Survey!

If you would like to be updated when we launch our workshop series, please leave your e-mail below: