New Angler Programs Survey

The FWC is considering several new programs for anglers and would like your feedback. Please provide answers to the following questions on your personal fishing interests so we may develop programs that appeal most to Florida’s anglers.

* Have you ever heard of the Florida Saltwater Recreational Fishing Grand Slam program?

* How familiar are you with the Florida State Recreational Saltwater Fishing Records?

* How interested would you be in competing in the following grand slams?

  Not very interested Somewhat interested Very interested
Snapper slam – Yellowtail snapper, Mangrove snapper, Mutton snapper
Jack slam – Blue runner, Jack crevalle, Bar jack
Pelagic slam – King Mackerel, Dolphin, Wahoo
Reef slam – Any snapper, any grouper, any jack
Inshore slam – Flounder, Sheepshead, Cobia
Offshore slam – Hogfish, Triggerfish, Dolphin
Nearshore slam – King mackerel, Spanish mackerel, Bluefish
Shellfish slam – Blue crab, Stone crab, Spiny lobster

* Rate your interest for the FWC to add the following species to the Florida State Recreational Saltwater Fishing Records.

  Not very interested Somewhat interested Very interested
Blackfin snapper
Dog snapper
Banded rudderfish
Snowy grouper

* How confident are you in your ability to distinguish between the following sets of fish?

  Not very confident Somewhat confident Very confident
Gray triggerfish, Ocean triggerfish
Greater amberjack, Lesser amberjack
Permit, Florida pompano
Florida pompano, African pompano
Black grouper, Gag grouper
Spanish mackerel, King mackerel (juveniles)

* Do you currently keep a log of your saltwater fishing trips, recording information such as location and weather conditions?

* If offered, would you use a state-sponsored “life list” for keeping track of all the saltwater fish species you catch throughout your lifetime?

* Have you heard of the Ethical Angler Photo Recognition Program, where anglers can submit their photos to be featured in FWC publications?