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Nominate an Essential Frontline Worker Today!

Sustainable Milton would like to honour and thank our essential frontline workers who have been working during the pandemic.
We would like to recognize our essential frontline workers in Milton with a simple but meaningful expression of our thanks by planting a native tree or shrub on their property. If those selected don’t have property or space for a tree or shrub, we will provide a native plant(s) for their balcony, garden or stoop.

So, go ahead and nominate your hero or heroine. Its easy to do.
To be eligible, the nominee:
  • Must be a resident of Milton.

  • Must be an essential frontline worker whose services were required throughout the pandemic.

Planting is dependent on there being room for a tree or shrub both above and below ground. For smaller spaces, native plants will be offered as an alternative.

A certified arborist will work with each recipient to select the right tree, shrub or plant that is suitable for the location.

Deadline for nominations is June 15, 2021!

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1. Contact Information of the Essential Worker you are nominating.

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2. Your Contact Information as the one nominating an Essential Worker.

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3. Why do you consider your nominee to be a hero? (In 250 words or less)

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4. Your relation to the nominee?

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5. Does the Essential Worker know you are nominating them?

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