This survey is designed for our customers to provide feedback which will help us to grow as a business, while continuing to offer the same great service and products. We want to know what our customers like, and also what they don't like, so we know where we can improve.

This survey is for all customers. We have a survey specifically for our Custom Corsetry customers too, which can be found here.

* 1. Where did you buy your items from?

* 2. What did you buy? If you bought multiple items, please select everything you bought. 

* 3. What specifically did you buy? Give a brief description or the item names from the website.

* 4. Did you buy any handmade items, and if so, which? Handmade items have a Little Blue Gem branded swingtag and label.

* 5. If you bought a Made To Order item, where you satisfied with how long the item took to produce?

* 6. How would you rate the price for the quality of the items?

  Very Poor Poor Fair Very Good Excellent Did Not Buy
Handmade Clothing, Corset or Lingerie (inc. Made to order)
Handmade Hat, Fascinator or Other Headpiece
Plastic Boned Fashion Corset
Steel Boned Fashion Corset
Costume Jewellery
Alchemy Jewellery or Accessories
Alchemy Homewear
Alchemy Clothing or Bags
Branded Clothing
Other Item(s)

* 7. How would you rate our customer service overall? This includes our communication about your order, how quickly we answer emails, shipping time, what you thought of us at fairs and so on. 

* 8. How likely would you be to buy from us again?

* 9. Where did you hear about The Little Blue Gem?

* 10.

Do you have any other comments that are not covered elsewhere in this survey?

EG, do you have any comments regarding our website that would help me to improve how easy it is to navigate, read, etc? Do you have a review of the store?

This question is not mandatory.