* 1. At what age groups and genders did you have teams entered in TCF this season? (Select as many answers as needed)

* 2. What did you feel was the best thing about TCF?

* 3. What do you feel that TCF was lacking and could improve on for next year?

* 4. Did you feel that the fees you paid to particpate were....? (Select One)

* 5. How would rate the facilities that were used for TCF this season?

  Great, couldn't ask for better Adequate Average, could be better Poor, don't use in the future
Capital Clubhouse (Waldorf)
King's Christian Academy (St. Mary's)
St. Mary's College (St. Mary's)
Wilson Ennis Clubhouse (Calvert)

* 6. Do you plan on playing with TCF next winter?

* 7. If you have any additional comments, please leave them here.