* 2. The work of the church belongs to both clergy and laity. At specific times in the life of a church, though, pastoral leadership is needed more in some areas than others. For the activities below:
A. Click the "C" column if you feel the congregation has primary responsibility for the activity.
B. From the activities that do not have a "C", choose 8 that you feel really need the attention of the new Pastor by clicking the "P" column. You want the Pastor to pay attention to this area, and provide pastoral leadership to this activity.
C. You may leave the remaining activities blank (not scored).
The codes at the beginning of each activity are used by our denomination to match pastor candidate skills with our identified needs.

  C: Congregation has primary responsibility for this P: Eight (8) areas pastoral leadership most needed
PS010: Prepare and implement budget. (budget/financial management)
PS020: Develop and maintain programs and activities for enlarging the membership and/or the church's vision for ministry. (church growth)
PS025: Gather together a new body of believers on a regular basis for Bible study and worship that will lead to a new permanent congregation. (church planting)
PS030: Keep persons informed through the use of the media, the church newsletter, etc. (communication)
PS040: Identify and evaluate the needs of the community and work to meet those needs through individual and/or corporate action. (community assessment/involvement)
PS050: Resolve conflict situations with persons and groups for the sake of the church's ministry. (conflict management)
PS060: Provide opportunities (a place and/or persons) for individuals, couples, families and/or groups to enter a healing relationship. (counseling)
PS070: Work with a language, ethnic or cultural group different from your own. (cross-cultural involvement/mission)
PS080: Provide a teaching ministry that is based on theological, educational and historical foundations. (education)
PS090: Seek to lead persons to make decisions for Christ encouraging their identification with and participation in the local church/community. (evangelism)
PS120: Cooperate with churches/leaders from Baptist and other denominations. (interchurch cooperation)
PS130: Communicate a comprehensive understanding of the Bible and Christian theology in terms relevant to persons' lives. (interpreting the faith)
PS140: Seek to recognize and call forth the potential of persons as leaders, providing opportunities for their training and growth. (leadership development)
PS150: Attempt to turn vision into reality and to sustain it in the church. (leadership)
PS160: Motivate and support persons in discovering and using their gifts for ministry in their daily lives. (ministry of the laity development)
PS170: Encourage and provide opportunities for the congregation/individual to be informed and involved in Christian witness at home and abroad. (mission promotion)
PS175: Demonstrate keen sensibilities to other language, ethnic, and/or cultural groups and settings. (multicultural sensitivity)
PS180: Maintain a choral and/or instrumental program/s of the church. (music directing/performing)
PS190: Create an atmosphere in which persons feel accepted, included and cared for and can identify with the group. (nurturing fellowship)
PS200: Develop and implement the goals and objectives of the church. (planning and management)
PS210: Provide by word and presence an empathetic understanding of and concern for persons in the routine and joys as well as the crises and transitions of life, giving assistance where appropriate and feasible. (pastoral care)
PS220: Enable the staff to accomplish their duties and responsibilities and encourage their personal and professional growth. (personnel supervision)
PS230: Support the preaching ministry with time for preparation/reflection on the Word, and commitment to listen for the Word's power and its implications for individuals, the church, the community and the world. (preaching)
PS240: Design, encourage and help to implement organizational, social, educational, religious and/or recreational programs of ministry. (program development)
PS260: Seek to be aware of justice issues in the community and the world; then discover ways to act toward eliminating the cause of injustice. (social action enablement)
PS270: Provide opportunities for individuals or groups to understand and enhance the spiritual dimensions of their personal lives. (spiritual life development)
PS280: Enable persons to develop and use individual and corporate resources - personal gifts, skills and finances - to the glory of God. (stewardship)
PS290: Enable persons to lead using methods and materials appropriate for the learners' ages and situations. (teaching)
PS300: Make formal and informal connections with church members or others in their homes, at work or in other settings. (visitation)
PS310: Participate actively in worship, offering feedback and suggestions for greater participation and effectiveness in the expression of praise, thanksgiving and devotion to God. (worship preparation and leading)
PS320: Develop and lead a ministry with adolescents that nurtures youth toward Christian faith commitment and discipleship. (youth ministry)
Before clicking DONE, please make sure you have selected 8 activities where you feel FCBC really needs Pastoral attention and leadership. If you feel very strongly about more than 8, you may add more P's.