1. Albion College Consent to Participate in Research

Study Title: Women’s STEM Role Model Experiences at Liberal Arts Colleges Compared to Large Research Universities
Researcher: Alyvia Fondren, Psychological Science Student, Albion College, Michigan
Sponsors: Dr. Andrea Francis, Associate Professor of Psychological Science at Albion College
Dr. Nicolle Zellner, Professor of Physics at Albion College

This is a consent form for research participation.  It contains important information about this study and what to expect if you decide to participate.
Your participation is voluntary. Please consider the information carefully. Feel free to ask questions before making your decision whether or not to participate. If you decide to participate, you will be asked to sign this form by clicking “Accept” at the end of this form. If you decide you do not want to participate, please click “Decline” at the end of this form.
Purpose: This study is designed to see if there is a relationship between the type of undergraduate college and the availability of mentorship opportunities for undergraduates studying in STEM programs. The data collected from this study will be used to help better understand this relationship.
Procedures/Tasks: If you agree to participate, you will complete a questionnaire that asks you to complete questions about possible mentorship experiences and the type of undergraduate program that you attended. You will also be asked to answer basic demographic questions such as age and gender.
Duration: Completing this questionnaire should take no more than 15 minutes of your time. You may leave the study at any time. If you decide to stop participating in the study, there will be no penalty to you, and you will not lose any benefits to which you are otherwise entitled. Your participation in this study will be completely anonymous.
Risks and Benefits: You should know that there will be no negative consequences if you choose not to participate in this research. There will also not be any negative consequences for answering the questions in one way rather than another. You are at no psychological or physical risk by participating in this research. Please understand, though, that you can skip any items you do not want to answer simply by leaving them blank. You may also withdraw your participation from this research at any time with no negative consequences. Also, please understand that your participation in this research is completely voluntary and confidential.
Confidentiality: This survey will be completely confidential. At no time will your individual responses be associated with your name or email you provide on the incentive form. Individual responses will not be made available to anyone other than the primary investigators of this study. In addition, only summary findings will be published; your personal responses will not be made public in any way.
Participant Rights: You may refuse to participate in this study without penalty or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled. If you choose to participate in the study, you may discontinue participation at any time without penalty or loss of benefits. By signing this form, you do not give up any personal legal rights you may have as a participant in this study. An Institutional Review Board responsible for human participant research at Albion College reviewed this research project and found it to be acceptable, according to applicable state and federal regulations and College policies designed to protect the rights and welfare of participants in research.
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