The Carnegie Mellon Database Group is conducting a survey of database administrators (DBAs). We seek to better understand how real-world applications use databases and compare them against the assumptions made in academic publications. This survey is meant for DBAs that are in charge of maintaining one or more database installations. You will be asked high-level questions about their workloads, including:
  1. How often transactions execute as stored procedures?
  2. How often do queries execute as prepared statements?
  3. What isolation level do transactions run at?
  4. How would you characterize the workload pattern on the database?
Participation in this survey is voluntary and participants have the right to withdraw at any time. The confidentiality of your data will be protected. All survey data is collected anonymously by default. If you choose additionally to provide us with your name and contact information for any follow-up questions that we might have, we will assign a coded ID to your data instead of your name. We will only report the data in aggregate form--no identifiable information will revealed. Participation is done without compensation. The results of this survey may be used in research publications.

Risks & Benefits: There are no expected benefits to participants. The data collected may help the researchers inform contribute to generalizable knowledge about how real-world applications use databases. There are no known risks to participants.

Raffle: Participants that provide their contact information will be eligible to win CMU Database Group prizes. Winners will be selected at random and contacted later in the year.

Estimated Time: 10-15 minutes
Deadline: May 10, 2017
Contact: Andy Pavlo <>