EBSCO's flagship clinical decision support tool, DynaMed, provides personalisation features which can make life a lot easier. When you have your own DynaMed personal user account, you get:
  • Remote access to DynaMed clinical content from any device at any time - including UK content and guidelines, eg. NICE & SIGN
  • Time-tracked CPD information
  • Easy login to the DynaMed App
  • Your followed topics and updates displayed on the homepage
  • A personalised user-experience across all devices 
To save you time DynaMed is offering to set you up with your own complimentary personal user account.

To start, you must click "yes" to accept our Personal Data Retention and Usage policy, and then simply complete the details on the following page.

We will then send you your username and a temporary password, which you can change any time.

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* Personal Data Retention and Usage

Your personal data: 
At EBSCO, we do not share your personal information with non-EBSCO third parties.

Why we collect your data:
EBSCO collects your personal data to provide you services, to improve our existing product features and functionality, and to improve our overall products.

The four categories of data we collect are:
  • Account Information, such as login credentials, email, and name.
  • Saved items, such as checkouts and saved searches.
  • Activity data, such as searches, retrievals, and link outs.
  • Other data, such as affiliations and continuing education.
If you would like more specific information related to our data privacy practices, please read our Privacy Policy.