Santa Barbara MTD 2018 Proposed Service Changes

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Please read below to view proposed changes to Santa Barbara MTD's service plan, which would take effect as of August 20, 2018. We encourage you to give feedback on the proposed changes by sharing your thoughts in the spaces below.

Thank you for participating!

* 1.
Line 15x: Reroute Line 15x and revise days and hours of operation

The Line 15x serves as an express route between Isla Vista/UC Santa Barbara (UCSB) and Santa Barbara City College (SBCC).

This map shows the current routing of the Line 15x:
Existing 15x map

The proposed change would reroute the Line 15x off of the Mesa and would circle around the SBCC main campus. The route would travel in a consistent one-way direction all day from UCSB toward Isla Vista and Camino Real Marketplace, rather than reversing in the afternoon as it currently does. 

The revised route would have the following positive impacts: 
  • More direct access to SBCC all day.
  • Improved on-time performance.
  • Two additional trips toward SBCC and four additional trips toward UCSB.
  • Simplified understanding of the bus route. 
  • Additional capacity at the UCSB North Hall bus stop for those traveling from UCSB toward Isla Vista and Camino Real Marketplace in the afternoon. 
This map shows the proposed routing of the Line 15x:
Proposed 15x map
The following impacts would also result from the reroute:
  • Passengers on the Mesa who currently use Line 15x to travel to UCSB, Isla Vista, or Goleta would now board Line 4 or 5 and transfer to either Line 15x at SBCC or Line 24x at the Transit Center. An origin-destination survey of peak-period trips suggested that this would affect an average of four or five passengers per peak-period trip. Midday Mesa ridership on the route is minimal.
  • The revised route would no longer serve the bus stops on Cliff Drive at Oceano Avenue and Weldon Road, used by SBCC West Campus students.  However, the walking distance from the center of West Campus to those stops is nearly identical to the distance to the SBCC main campus stop that will continue to be served.
Two relatively small service reductions are also proposed for Line 15x, as follows.
  • Line 15x primarily serves SBCC students traveling between SBCC and UCSB, Isla Vista, and Goleta. Thus, MTD proposes to eliminate service on days when SBCC is not in session but UCSB is in session. This includes two weeks during the summer and a week or two during winter and spring breaks, depending on how the calendars fall each year.
  • MTD also proposes to eliminate Line 15x service on Friday afternoons from 4:30 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. during the SBCC fall and spring semesters, because a very small number of SBCC students are in class during that time. 
Please share any feedback, questions, or concerns about the 15x proposal:

* 2. Line 20 & Line 21x: Enhance Line 20 and Suspend Line 21x

Line 21x typically has not operated as an express service in recent years, due to increasing congestion and construction on Highway 101. At times, a trip on Line 21x takes longer than Line 20. Thus, under this option, Line 21x is proposed for suspension until the Highway 101 HOV lanes are operational.

This is a current map of the Lines 20 and 21x:

 Existing Line 20/21x map

The hours currently operated on Line 21x, would, for the most part, be used for two improvements to Line 20 service. Nearly every Line 20 trip would be allowed 60 minutes, which will improve the on-time performance of the service. Secondly, more consistent service would be provided during peak hours. Peak service would be operated as follows:

Leaving Carpinteria toward Santa Barbara
6:00 A.M. - 7:00 A.M.  30 minute frequency
7:00 A.M. - 8:00 A.M.  15 minute frequency
8:00 A.M. - 9:00 A.M.  30 minute frequency

Leaving Santa Barbara toward Carpinteria:
3:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.  30 minute frequency
5:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.  15 minute frequency
Mid-day frequency would remain at 40 minutes. In total, 30 weekday trips would be provided in each direction. This is a reduction from the current combined total of Line 20 & 21x trips (35 toward Carpinteria and 36 toward Santa Barbara) due to the necessity to increase the time allotted to Line 20 trips to improve on-time performance. On Saturdays, Line 21x trips will be replaced by Line 20 trips, with improved on-time performance.  On Sundays, Line 20 on-time performance would be improved.

Please share any feedback, questions, or concerns about the Lines 20 and 21x proposal:

* 3. Minor schedule adjustments for improved on-time performance on Lines 7, 10 and 27

There are also proposals to make minor adjustments to the schedules of Lines 7, 10, and 27 to improve on-time performance.

The changes to Lines 7 & 10 would adjust time points on the schedule, and there would be no loss of trips.

The changes to Line 27 would add time to each trip, due to congestion inside of Isla Vista, and there would be an estimated loss of 4 or 5 one-way trips per weekday during UCSB's Fall, Winter and Spring quarters.

Please share any feedback, questions, or concerns about the Lines 7, 10, and 27 proposals:

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