* 1. Approximately three months ago, we sent a survey asking for your feedback about a possible Vote of No Confidence in Superintendent Kirsten Vital. The response at that time was favorable for voting no confidence, but there were several of you who felt that the timing was not right.

In addition to everything that transpired over the first few months of this school year, last week alone brought two new issues that prompted the Executive Board to reissue this survey.

1. Many of our trusted, experienced, and vocal colleagues are being targeted with negative evaluations for the first time in their illustrious careers, and are being referred to PAR (for more information on PAR, please see Article 28 of the contract). Last year 5 teachers were referred to PAR, and this year we have been contacted by 18 teachers who have been referred. This does not include teachers who have not yet contacted AEA.

2. AUSD not only posted our confidential personnel matters on their website when they created a document titled "Summary of Grievances Filed by AEA", but also released actual copies of our grievance documents to reporters WITH names of teachers and school sites. When contacted by CTA's attorneys in response to this illegal activity, the District responded with a letter defending their position and candidly admitted to releasing the confidential documents in retaliation for AEA bringing to light the dramatic increase in contract violations since Vital took over.

Due to these recent developments, in the context of all the other issues this year, a significant number of members have contacted the AEA Executive Board with the suggestion of voting "No Confidence" in the Superintendent. Voting no confidence is making a statement that teachers do not feel that the Superintendent has the ability or willingness to be an effective leader for our school district. This survey is an attempt to get an update on the temperature of the membership.

Thank you for responding by Wednesday, May 16. All responses to this survey are anonymous.

  I do not support a vote of no confidence I do not support a vote of no confidence at this time neutral I support a vote of no confidence but do not think this is the right time I fully support a vote of no confidence and would sign it.
Please rate your willingness to support a vote of no confidence on the Superintendent.