District Council and Community Outreach Workshops

Sunday, November 20th from 12 - 5 PM (social hour and setup starting at 11) we are continuing discussions about the future of Seattle's District Council, community outreach and engagement efforts. This workshop format provides the opportunity to attend specific sessions which are of the most interest to you.

WHERE: 9250 14th Ave NW, 1/2 block off D-Line
WHEN: Sunday, November 20th
WHO: Members of your organizations, the general public and specifically members of groups who may not be currently active in the District Council system are invited to attend.

The following brief survey will help us plan for the space, food, and if there are specific additional topics we should cover at this workshop. 

Question Title

* 1. Here are the proposed workgroup sections - how interested are you in these topics?

Not at all Somewhat Very
If Seattle stops sponsoring the District Councils, what type of district organization would you like to see? and Types of Organizations (tax ramifications, political aspects, etc);
If we become independent organizations, should we keep an “umbrella organization”, ie: something similiar to CDC. If so, what will the structure be?
Should membership rules and Bylaws be standardized – if not, how are you willing to go to be more inclusive, to be less inclusive?
What are your District Council’s goals and purpose? What do personally want to get out of your District Council?
Outreach – how do we achieve greater participation. Specifically, how do we bring in people that aren’t typically represented?
Under the current system, what makes the effective district councils work?

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* 2. After a social hour, we plan a short opening discussion outlining the purpose of this event – then break out into workshop groups. Would you prefer 1,2,or 3 breakout workshop sessions, and then bringing the groups back together for a wrap-up and next steps.

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* 3. Will you be able to join us November 20th, for at least part of the workshop? This is for food and space planning purposes.

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* 4. Would you like to be on a contact list?