Council Rock Coalition for Healthy Youth
Parenting Academy 2015-2016

Thank you for your interest in these Parenting Academy programs.  Please indicate which programs you would like to attend.

* 1. Power of Parents:  Professional Parenting Academy facilitators will travel to your location to provide parents with the communication tools needed to talk with teens about alcohol.

* 2. Second Step:  This four-part program is focused on grades K-3 and teaches problem-solving skills, impulse control, anger management and empathy.

* 3. Life Skills Training:  Focused on grades 4-6, this program provides parents with tools to strengthen omcmunication, appropriate behavior-monitoring and discipline, as well as positive role modeling, refusal skills, anger management and problem solving.

* 4. Parent to Parent:  Parent to Parent is a nationally known substance abuse prevention program, teaching parents how to protect their children from drugs, violence and premature sexual activity.  It is a video-based interactive program, allowing the opportunity for discussion and networking with other parents (4 sessions).

* 5. Guiding Good Choices: Guiding Good Choices is a research-based prevention program that aims to reduce substance abuse and increase family bonding. Provides family activities, skill-building exercises, tips on positive parenting and more.   (4 sessions).

* 6. Staying Connected with your Teen - (5 sessions).
This program teaches parents and teens the skills they need to improve family conmmunication and family bonding.  Participating families show improvement in discipline practices and supervision skills.  Research demonstrates the critical importance of parent involvement in reducing antisocial behaviors.

* 7. Thank you for your interest in our Parenting Academy programs.  Please let us know how we can best contact you.