I need your help 

I make these surveys for two reasons. I value everyone's opinion & It helps me improve CrossFit Sayreville through your input. 

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* 1. Please answer this question: What do people who are not a member of CrossFit Sayreville need to know about CrossFit Sayreville? (that will encourage them to become a member of the family)

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* 2. I want to get a feel for if there is an interest for speciality classes. Additional classes will result in additional time spent coaching/working, which in turn means someone needs to get paid for their time/knowledge/service. What speciality class would interest you AND how much per month or per class would you be willing to pay for that service in exchange for the coaches time/knowledge/service that meet your expectations. (A specialty class includes but is not limited to: Olympic lifting class, gymnastic class, bodybuilding class, strength class, mobility class, and the like)

The benefit of a speciality class is that it gets you better at something specific.
(If you are not interested then just write N/A)

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* 3. Name