A brief about Nominations

Inviting nomination entries for 6th Integrator ICT Champion Awards 2018

Welcome to the nominations phase of the 6th Integrator ICT Champion Awards. This year’s Awards returns with several new categories.

Companies wishing to submit their entries for nominations in various Award categories need to select the categories as below. There is no need to submit any write-up for the nominations online.

Optionally, support their nomination submissions for preferred categories with a Maximum up to 250 word write-up based on your performance in 2017, which can be can be separately emailed to editor@var-mea.com with subject line of company’s name. The nominations should be done by the respective Marketing Manager or a Senior Manager on behalf of the company or authorized agency.
The discretion of the Editor will be final in the case of nominee shortlists.

* 1. Nomination requested by

* 2. Please select category/ categories in which award nomination is sought? ( After selecting one to several relevant categories, you can optionally enter summaries for each category that you are seeking nomination with summaries not exceeding 300 words each in the text boxes below. Alternatively, you can email consolidated summaries for multiple categories to editor@var-mea.com )