Welcome to the desertSMART Challenge! Get ready to Challenge yourself and compete against others across the themes of Water, Food, Transport, Waste, and Energy.

Information will be sent out at the start of the Challenge and in advance of the fortnightly challenges. All the information and tasks will also be available on the COOLmob website for you to access. www.desertsmartcoolmob.org

* 1. Information and registration
The desertSMART Challenge (DSC) is a 10-week challenge for individuals, households, and families to reduce their environmental footprint through simple actions and a competition. The Challenge will commence in March 2014 and end in May 2014.

* 2. Are you signing up as an:

* 3. If you like, you can choose a "Challenger" name by which you wish to be identified with during the challenge. What is your Challenger name? (optional)

* 4. Do you live in a house, a unit, a town house or other?
Also, how many people, and how many bedrooms are there?
(This data will simply be used to anonymously graph energy use of our challengers)

* 5. Is it ok for us to call you once or twice during the Challenge to see if we can keep you motivated?

* 6. Talent Release:

Various challenge actions may require you to send in photographs
Additionally, a photograph of you may be taken at a workshop event.

Do you agree to appear in visual and or audio recordings which can be used in advertising and other documents published by desertSMART COOLmob for the sole purpose of promoting desertSMART COOLmob?

Wherever possible, desertSMART COOLmob and the Arid Lands Environment Centre Inc will remain sensitive to an understanding of cultural, family and personal sensitivities.

* 7. Thankyou for signing up to the desertSMART Challenge. We'll be in touch with all the information and updates. Good Luck in the Challenge and remember there are some great prizes to be won by completing the challenges!

The total cost is $15 (GST incl) for individuals, $20 for couples/household/family or $10 for ALEC members.

Payment is to be sent to: Arid Lands Environment Centre by direct deposit, EFTPOS or cash .
Our preferred option is Direct Deposit into our account.
Details are:
Account Name: Arid Lands environment Centre Inc
BSB: 633 000
Account Number: 134358571

Please contact us by email at info@desertsmartcoolmob.org when you have deposited the amount, stating your name(s) and what has been paid for. Please also include a your name and the code "DSC" in the reference attached to your payment so we can identify it. If you wish to pay by cash or EFTPOS, you can do so by visiting the ALEC offices between business hours at the Cnr of Lindsay and Warburton St, Eastside.

Lastly, Can you take 3 minutes to fill out our quick survey? Cut and paste this link into your browser: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YRHGPYC

Feel free to contact us at anytime during the Challenge. Call 8952 0299 or email info@desertsmartcoolmob.org

* 8. Disclaimer: By signing on to the desertSMART Challenge you are agreeing to the following:

The Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC) shall not be held responsible for any injury, loss, expense or damage of any kind whatsoever suffered or incurred by any person who participates in the desertSMART Challenge or accesses the desertSMART COOLmob website.

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In relation to the desertSMART Challenge, participants must not post or upload any comments or links on social media pages or websites that are unlawful, or may defame, discriminate, or offend. desertSMART COOLmob reserves the right to moderate comments and may remove any comments from its social media and webpage, if, in the moderator's opinion, they are deemed inappropriate.