1. Upstate LSAMP Student Survey

This survey is about your experiences in college and with LSAMP activities. LSAMP is a program providing support, mainly to minority students. At your institution, LSAMP may be incorporated into a larger program, or it may be closely allied with programs such as CSTEP. In responding to this survey, you may consider the overall impact of programs that are packaged together to offer academic and social support and research opportunities to minority students. Thank you for your participation. Your responses will remain anonymous.

* 1. Your gender

* 2. Your ethnicity

* 3. Institution you attend:

* 4. Total credits earned so far:

* 5. Your major or intended major:

* 6. Are you a transfer student, that is you started college at a different institution?

* 7. Have you participated in the following organizations which provide academic and social support? Check all that apply.

* 8. If you checked "other" above, please specify the organization or group.

* 9. Considering the organizations that you checked or listed in Items 10 and 11, please indicate the impact of each activity on your progress as an undergraduate.

  Strong impact Moderate impact Slight impact No impact N/A
A. Academic support
B. Social support
C. Advising
D. Scheduling
E. Research experience
F. Summer research and academic experience
G. Financial support

* 10. Please indicate the level of importance of each of the following as a factor in your choice of college: very important; important; not very important; not at all important; N/A = does not apply to me.

  Very important Important Not very mportant Not at all important N/A
A. Location of the school.
B. Quality of the programs in my area of interest.
C. Personal connection at the institution.
E. Recruiting by someone from the institution.
F. Financial aid.

* 11. Please indicate the level of challenge you experienced in each area: a major challenge; a challenge; a minor problem; no problem at all; N/A = does not apply to me.

  Major challenge Challenge. Minor problem No problem at all N/A
A. Academic demands of college.
B. Finding enough time to do all that is required.
C. Having a sense of belonging in the institution.
D. Enjoying a satisfactory social life.
E Feelings of isolation as a minority student.
F. Finding academic assistance.
G. The way some courses are taught.

* 12. Please discuss an other challenges or problems related to your college education.

* 13. Please indicate the level of importance of each LSAMP activity for you: Very Important; Important; Not Very Important; Not at all Important; N/A = does not apply to me.

  Very Important Important Not very important Not at all important N/A
A. Financial aid to attend this institution.
B. Academic support.
C. Social Support.
D. Advisement.
E. Career Planning.
F. Research.
G. Social life.
H. Summer internship.

* 14. Please indicate the level of impact of each on your academic progress: strong impact; moderate impact; slight impact; no impact; N/A, does not aply to me.

  Strong impact Moderate impact Slight impact No impact N/A
A. Attending lectures.
B. Studying assigned work alone.
C. Studying with a friend or in a small group.
D. Receiving assistance from a tutor.
E. Consultation with a professor.
F. Doing research.

* 15. For each of the following, please indicate how you would rate your level when entering college: strong; adequate; weak; very weak; N/A = does not apply to me.

  Strong Adequate Weak Very weak N/A
A. Academic preparation for college.
B. Time management skills.
C. Ability to profit from lectures.
D. Ability to work with other students.
E. Enthusiasm for learning.
F. Problem-solving skille.
G. Organizational and study skills

* 16. At the present time, what is the likelihood of each:

  very likely likely possible not at all likely
Graduating in your current major or intended major.
Applying to graduate school.
Pursuing a career as a college professor.
Pursuing a science-related career but not in an academic setting.

* 17. Since entering college, has your interest in attending gradate school?

The following items are open-ended. Your responses are important and will help us develop the next phase of LSAMP activities and services.

* 18. Please describe the most interesting or exciting aspects of college.

* 19. Please describe the most challenging aspects of college.

* 20. Please describe any changes you have made in your plans since entering college.

* 21. What do you hope to do immediately after graduating from college?

* 22. How and when did you first learn about LSAMP?

* 23. Which LSAMP activities have been most beneficial to you?

* 24. Please discuss which LSAMP activities have helped change your thinking about graduate school, and how this has happened.

* 25. Please list additional activities you would like offered by LSAMP.

Thank you for your participation. When you click "Done" your completed survey will be submitted and you will be returned to the survey home page. Please contact the LSAMP coordinator at your institution to say that you have completed the survey.