* 1. The SRA's (State Retirement Agency's) retirement forms were easy to understand. 

* 2. The SRA's retirement forms were easy to complete.

* 3. The SRA processed my retirement forms in a reasonable amount of time.

* 4. The Notice of Retirement Allowance clearly explains my retirement benefits.

* 5. The SRA provided my first month's retirement benefit in a timely manner.

* 6. Federal and Maryland state withholding were properly deducted from my retirement benefit.

* 7. The SRA correctly set up my EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) by the end of my second month of retirement.

* 8. SRA Form 127 (Reemployment After Retirement) clearly explains the reemployment provisions.

* 9. Overall, I am completely satisfied with the retirement process.

* 10. How can the State Retirement Agency provide you with better service? Please explain below.

* 11. Optional

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