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* 7. Is your present job related to the occupational skills taught in the Radiolgoic Technology Program?

* 8. Many of the essential occupational skills and knowledge taught in the Radiologic Technology Program are listed below. This includes both the didactic and clinical phase of your education.

Please check the column which describes the importance of the skill or knowledge needed for your job; you may wish to check more than one column. Please check only the first column if the skill was not taught.

  Was not taught Helped obtain job Helped do the job Helped advance on the job Not helpful in your job
Introduction to Radiology
Medical Ethics and Law
Medical Terminology
Methods of Patient Care
Human Structure and Function
Radiographic Procedures
Principles of Radiographic Exposure
Imaging Equipment
Radiographic Film Processing
Evaluation of Radiographs
Radiation Physics
Principles of Radiation Protection
Principles of Radiation Biology
Radiographic Pathology
Introduction to Quality Assurance
Introduction to Computer Literacy

* 9. How could the college have prepared you better for holding a job? Please explain.