Along with your other degree requirements, each graduating student in the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education is required to complete this overview survey. The survey provides you with an opportunity to tell us about your experience in the school. Your answers will assist us as we continue to work toward a better school for students and faculty. Please complete all questions in one sitting and submit this survey. You cannot be cleared for graduation until this is completed.

* 1. Fordham ID Number

* 2. Semester for which you have applied for graduation?

* 3. What is your last name?

* 4. What is your first name?

* 5. Gender

* 6. Ethnicity

* 7. Personal E-mail address:

* 8. In what year did you first take classes at GSRRE?

* 9. In what semester did you start your first class?

* 10. City you were living in when you started classes at GSRRE?

* 11. State you were living in when you started classes at GSRRE? Please format by postal code, i.e.: NY or TX

* 12. If you were an international student, which country did you come from?

* 13. How long, in minutes, was your average commute to the Rose Hill Campus?

* 14. Which degree program are you completing at GSRRE now?

* 15. Did you complete a previous degree at GSRRE before the current one?

* 16. If you have completed previous graduate degrees(besides those at GSRRE), please click all that apply?