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* 1. For good and valuable consideration, including potentially having your name or likeness publicly released and/or potentially having the recognition of having your name or likeness publicly released, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, I hereby grant and assign to Edmentum, Inc. and its affiliates, subsidiaries, agencies, successors and assigns (hereinafter collectively “Edmentum”), the following rights and agree to the following terms and conditions in connection with the below.

1. I grant Edmentum the right to film or otherwise record me or my appearance, name, performance, voice, likeness, image, photograph and biography and any statements, conversations, remarks, speeches, and vocal, musical or instrumental sounds or sound effects made, rendered or performed by me on film, video, motion pictures, photographs, sound records, digital recording devices or by any other means of fixation or recording in any media formats (whether now known or developed in the future) (collectively, "Recordings").

2. I grant Edmemtum the right to use my name, any statements, conversations, remarks and speeches made by me, and any materials I provide to Edmentum, and Recordings for use, in whole or in part, in any advertising materials, promotional materials, or products created for or by Edmentum however manifested or embodied (whether in any printed, audio-visual, three-dimensional, physical, electronic, internet or other format of any nature, whether now known or hereafter developed) (collectively, “Works”), an unlimited number of times, throughout the universe and in perpetuity, without condition or limitation, and with or without attribution or credit to me, and to edit, quote, paraphrase and modify the same.

3. I assign to Edmentum all right, title and interest that I may have, of any nature, in and to the Recordings and the Works without limitation or condition and represent and warrant that I shall have no rights in and to such Recordings and Works.

4. I understand and agree that Edmentum has no obligation to use the Recordings and/or the Works, or to make use of any of the rights granted herein. I further agree that Edmentum is not obligated to submit to me for approval any of the Recordings or the Works and that it may freely alter, distort, modify or create illusory or other effects in connection with use of the Recordings or the Works, in whole or in part, including, without limitation, any individual photographs, videos, recordings or images of me.

5. I release Edmentum and all of its respective officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives, from any claim of any kind or nature whatsoever arising from the grant and assignment of rights herein and the use of the Recordings and/or the Works as permitted in this Agreement, including, but not limited to, those based upon “moral rights,” defamation, slander, invasion of privacy, right of publicity, copyright, or any other personal, property and/or intellectual property rights (“Claims”) and agree that I will not (and will ensure that none of my family, heirs, successors or assigns will not) now or in the future assert or maintain any Claims against Edmentum or any of its respective officers, directors, employee, agents and representatives.

6. I warrant and represent that I have the authority to grant to Edmentum the rights granted herein and to observe and perform my obligations stated herein and that this grant of rights does not in any way conflict with any existing commitment or agreement on my part.

7. I understand that I have received full consideration for the rights I have granted to Edmentum and Edmentum is not obligated to pay me any additional compensation for use of the Recordings or Works or for my execution of this form.

8. I have read this Consent and Release and understand its terms.

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* 3. If the person participating and/or providing or involved in the Recordings or Works is not yet 18 years old, a parent or legal guardian must complete the following information:

I, the undersigned, hereby warrant that I am the parent or legal guardian of the above-named person, a minor, and that I have full authority to authorize and agree to the terms and conditions identified in this Consent and Release form, which I have read and approved. I hereby release Edmentum from any liability (including any Claims) arising out of the exercise of the rights granted in this Consent and Release form. I further agree to defend and indemnify Edmentum for any claim brought by or on behalf of the above-named minor for any alleged damages or injury (including any Claims) incurred within or related to the scope of this Consent and Release form.

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