Opportunity for Feedback to Initial Concepts

Please use the following questions as a guide to encourage ideas and provide feedback. The questions are not compulsory. We welcome as much feedback from as many of the Ashby community as possible.

Guiding Questions:

Question Title

* 1. What do you like about the initial draft concepts?
2. What specific features do you think are the most important in the proposed new space?
3. What facilities should be available? (picnic tables? ‘stadium’ seating for event spectators? Storage?)
4. What games would you like to see in this area?
5. What features do you see as the ‘must haves’ and the ‘nice to haves’?
6. In looking at the proposed layout of the area, what considerations need to be taken into account?

Question Title

* 2. Thank you for providing this feedback.  
Please provide your contact details below in case we require further clarification on your feedback.