* 1. How do you hear about South County Chamber Singers concerts?

* 2. What would you say is the main reason for your support?

* 3. How many South County Chamber Singers concerts have you attended? You may choose a number and a season.

* 4. How likely are you to attend a future concert consisting of Broadway and Opera selections?

* 5. If you have attended at least one concert, how satisfied were you with the following?

  Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied No opinion
Ticket price
Ease of purchasing tickets
Music selection
Performance quality
Program notes and song introductions
Concert length
Venue location
Venue atmosphere and comfort

* 6. In which city or town is your primary residence located?

* 7. If there is a particular category or period of choral music you would like to hear us perform, please indicate that here:

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