* 1. How often do you ride use bus shelters?

* 2. Have you ever been made uncomfortable at a bus shelter? Describe the experience.

* 3. Have you ever avoided using the bus based on pan-handlers and loiterers being there?

* 4. Would you feel for CERTAIN safer if there were no pan-handlers or loiterers there?

* 5. Have you avoided businesses because there were pan-handlers by the bus stop outside of the business?

* 6. Do you feel safer using a bus shelter in the daytime or at night?

* 7. If the bus shelter had camera surveillance and frequent visits from police, would you use public transportation more?

* 8. Does the vandalism on bus shelters deter you from using them?

* 9. Rank the following in order of importance to you when using a bus shelter.

  Very Important Somewhat Important Indifferent Not Very Important Not Important at all
Lighting at night
Exposure to the elements
Personal Space
Overall Size of shelter
Aesthetic "Cool Factor"
Incorporation of Columbus Architecture in design