Survey of Wiscasset Residents, Business Owners and Neighbors.

The Public Safety Advisory Council of Wiscasset invites you to participate in a brief survey regarding emergency public safety services in our town. The purpose of the Wiscasset Public Safety Advisory Council is to act in an advisory capacity and report back to all of the Public Safety Departments (Police, Fire & Emergency Medical Services) by bringing to their attention, feedback received from the community concerning all public safety issues such as law enforcement needs, fire suppression, emergency medical care and other actions.  To this end the Wiscasset Public Safety Advisory Council is devoted to facilitating the flow of ideas relative to public safety for the continued improvement of the quality of life of its citizens.  

* 1. How important is it for you to have a town Police department whose sole responsibility is the safety and welfare of Wiscasset residents?

* 2. Should the Town of Wiscasset reduce the existing budgets for emergency services (police, fire, EMS) in their efforts to reduce the municipal budget by $500,000?

* 3. Are you aware that budget cuts may result in department elimination or position elimination?

* 4. Would you support an increase in funding for emergency services such as Police, Emergency Medical Services and Fire Department?

* 5. Do you support having a capitol improvement plan to ensure that the Town of Wiscasset continues to have adequate public safety equipment and vehicles such as fire equipment, emergency vehicles and building maintenance? 

* 6. How would you rate your experience with Wiscasset Public Safety Services, Police, Fire, EMS.

* 7. How important is it to you for the Town of Wiscasset to have its own Ambulance Service providing 24 hour coverage to Wiscasset?

* 8. How important is police presence in our community and in our schools to you?

* 9. How important is it to you to promote membership in the fire department and ensure adequate coverage to fire related emergencies? 

* 10. Thank you for completing this survey.  Please share additional comments for the Public Safety Council here.