1. Informed Consent

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Dear Participant:

This is a request for your agreement to participate in a research project conducted by Lindsey M. Brooks, M.Ed., Doctoral Candidate, Counseling Psychology, Lehigh University under the supervision of Dr. Arpana Inman, Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology, Lehigh University titled “Bisexual Counseling Competence: Investigating the Role of Attitudes and Empathy”. The purpose of the study is to gain an understanding of the variables that predict competency for working with bisexual clients. The procedures entail the completion of a case vignette, a demographic questionnaire, and three measures. You will also be given the opportunity to enroll in an optional raffle to win 1 of 2 $25 gift cards at the end of the survey. The survey will take approximately 20 – 25 minutes to complete.

Your participation will help to increase knowledge that may benefit others in the future through an increased awareness of issues that are important to bisexual individuals. There may be some risk of psychological discomfort associated with reflecting on these issues. Should you find yourself experiencing any psychological distress after completing the survey please contact this national 24-hour hotline for support and appropriate referral, 1-800-273-TALK.

Any data you provide will have no link maintained to your identity and all data will be stored in a secure database. Your decision to participate is voluntary. You are free to withdraw from this study at any time without jeopardizing your relationship with Lehigh University.

If you have any questions about this study, you may contact me at 410-963-3449 or email lmb9@lehigh.edu or my research advisor, Dr. Arpana G. Inman at 610-758-4443 or email agi2@lehigh.edu. You may report problems that may result from your participation or direct questions in regard to your rights as a subject in this study to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Lehigh University, 610-758-3021. All reports or correspondence will be kept confidential.

By completing the attached survey, you are indicating your consent to participate. Please proceed to the following brief questionnaire.


Lindsey M. Brooks, M.Ed.
Doctoral Candidate
Counseling Psychology Program, Lehigh University

Arpana Inman, Ph.D.
Research Advisor
Associate Professor
Counseling Psychology Program, Lehigh University