* 1. Here are some features I've been considering adding to the MyRecipeBook site. Please let me know which of these you'd like to see!

  No interest Nice to have Love to have it!
Bookmarks to recipes on other websites
Favorites (mark other people's recipes as favorites)
Upload photos to your recipes
Create shopping/grocery lists
Spell checking on recipes
Forums for chatting with other MyRecipeBook users
Private groups (for sharing recipes with family, church group, etc)
Avatars & expanded user profiles (where you can add more about you, add links to your website, facebook, instagram, etc.)
Menu planner

* 2. Are there any other features you wish the site had?

* 3. Do you have a mobile device?

* 4. I've been hosting MyRecipeBook as a free site since I first created it back in 2003! But it does still cost me time and money to host and maintain. I'm considering offering a paid account for some of the new & advanced features. Would you be willing to pay a small monthly fee to help support the site? If so, how much would you pay per month?

* 5. Do you have any other comments or suggestions for MyRecipeBook?