If you're looking to join us on Rainier in January for the Yukon Winter Campout then you've come to the right place! There are just a few important details for us to share and then a few questions we have for you:

We will provide sleeping and cook tents as well as stoves and fuel. You'll need to bring all your own bedding, eating utensils, headlamps, etc. as well as your own food and drink plus all the usual stuff for winter camping.

If you're not sure what to bring, Google "winter camping checklist" for a good start. You'll also need snowshoes or skis to get to camp as the snow will be too deep to just wear boots. Last but not least, you'll need a five gallon bucket with a lid to store your food in. Bears are not an issue but there are some pretty "friendly" foxes in the area that will eat your lunch. 

Camp and heated bathrooms with running water are within about 200 yards of your car. This makes it easy to throw in an extra layer or two, bring extra food and camp in style. It's also a great opportunity to introduce someone to winter camping so bring someone new! We'll have some sleds to help get your gear to and from the cars as well as some shovels to help excavate your tent. 

The road from Longmire to Paradise is gated each night. Here's the gate schedule, weather permitting:

Gate open 9:00 am
Uphill gate closes 4:00 pm
Gate closed 5:00 pm
Allow half an hour to return to the gate from Paradise.

Last but not least TIRE CHAINS ARE REQUIRED IN THE PARK ABOVE LONGMIRE!! You rarely ever need them but sometimes the rangers will check and will turn your car around if you don't have them. 

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* 1. What days are you attending? (mark all that apply)

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* 2. We need to share license plate information with the Park Service each night. They check the lot for cars and use that information to determine if anyone is lost and in need of rescue.  Please fill out the following:

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* 3. Are you bringing a +1? (+1 is someone who isn't an employee. Each employee is allowed to bring ONLY one non-employee to this event and ONLY THE EMPLOYEE SHOULD RSVP!)