Proposed Rule

The Idaho State Department of Education (Department) is taking public comment through August 22, 2018, on a proposed rule to revise the Idaho Standards for the Initial Certification of Professional School Personnel (PSC Manual) and applicable sections of IDAPA 08.02.02, Rules Governing Uniformity. Proposed changes to the PSC Manual and IDAPA 08.02.02 can be found at, Current Rulemaking Activities, Docket No. 08-0202-1801.
All comments received will be posted to the Department's website after the conclusion of the public comment period. 
DESCRIPTIVE SUMMARY: The following is a statement in nontechnical language of the substance and purpose of the proposed rulemaking:
This rulemaking amends the adoption date of the PSC Manual, an incorporated document, and applicable sections of IDAPA 08.02.02, Rules Governing Uniformity. Proposed amendments, approved by the Idaho State Board of Education on June 20, 2018, include:
  • Certification and endorsement revisions for school nurse, teacher librarian, teacher leader, gifted and talented, English, online teacher, and literacy;
  • A new definition of clinical experience and supporting definitions;
  • New endorsements for Middle School Social Studies and Middle School Science; 
  • Language regarding the use of continuing education units toward certificate renewal by pupil service staff certificate holders who also hold a professional license through the Bureau of Occupational Licenses; and
  • Technical corrections  to numeric order, alphabetical order, spelling, punctuation, and/or grammar. 


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