MaineDOT is conducting a planning study of the I-95 Corridor within the City of Bangor. As part of the study, the Department is gathering input from members of the public regarding I-95. By completing this questionnaire, you can help MaineDOT understand what experiences you have had on I-95 and what you think is important for the future. Thank you for helping!

* 1. How often do you use I-95 in Bangor? (Check one.)

* 2. Are you satisfied with the way I-95 in Bangor works now? (Check one.)

* 3. What problems have you experienced on I-95 in Bangor in the past 12 months? (Check all that apply.)

* 4. For the problems you checked in Question 3, please rank the problems from most serious to least serious. (with 1 being the most serious, 2 being the second most serious, etc.)

  1 - Most Serious 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 N/A
Stop-and-go traffic
Slow-moving traffic
Unexpected traffic delays
Drivers following too close
Drivers traveling too fast
Drivers cutting others off
Lost control on slippery pavement
Poor visibility due to weather

* 5. What types of improvements do you think should be considered to help solve these problems and meet future transportation needs in the I-95 Corridor in Bangor? (Check all that apply.)

* 6. What city/town do you live in?

* 7. What city/town do you work in?

* 8. Other comments