Information about the proposed Code of Conduct and the voting process

At this year's AGM, attendees voted in favour of the SpecFicNZ Core drafting a Code of Conduct by which our members would be expected to abide as part of their membership of the society. This Code of Conduct has now been drafted (see below).

As our Constitution requires any new membership-related changes to the society to be approved by our members, we are now inviting all members to vote on whether or not to accept this Code of Conduct into the SpecFicNZ society rules.


In accordance with the Quorum requirements in our Constitution, the results of the vote will only be valid if a quorum of at least 10 financial (e.g. subs paid-up) members respond to this survey. The Code of Conduct will be considered accepted only if more than 50% of respondents vote to accept it; e.g. if 10 people vote, 5 for and 5 against, this is not sufficient for the Code of Conduct to be passed.

Voting will close on 31 December 2015.


We welcome comments from members about the Code of Conduct and there is a space in the survey for you to add any feedback.

For example, if you are generally for the idea of a Code of Conduct but object to some of the provisions in it, you can vote against the proposal but let us know what you think should be changed in the text.

What happens next

If more than 50% of survey respondents choose to accept the proposed Code of Conduct, then SpecFicNZ will announce the addition of the Code of Conduct to our membership rules and it will come into effect immediately following that announcement.

If 50% or more of the survey respondents choose to reject the proposed Code of Conduct, then our next step will depend on feedback received, i.e.:

A) If the Code of Conduct is rejected with no feedback received from voters, the Core will assume our members no longer wish for a Code of Conduct, and this project will be tabled.

B) Based on feedback received from voters, the Code of Conduct will be re-drafted and put to the membership for another vote.