1. We need your support to apply for funding and provide what you need

Only complete this survey if you are 14+ years old
Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to help us identify how we can support you during life changes such as injury, illness, moving house, having family etc, and how we can help customers who need additional support. 

* 1. Are you a parent spending time at the facility waiting for your child/children

* 2. If you answered yes to Q.1 on average how long do you wait at the facility

* 3. Are you a professionally sponsored rider?

* 4. Please tell us how old you are

* 5. What activities do you currently take part in?

* 6. Would you consider yourself to be within any of the underrepresented groups below.

* 7. Do you do activities for more than 2.5 hours per week

* 8. People go through major life changes in their lives, what do you consider to be the major changes in your life that impact on your ability to remain active

* 9. Do you feel a state of the art gym and changing rooms at Adrenaline Alley would be a good addition for riders and waiting parents?

* 10. If you would use a gym at AA , how often do you think you would use it?