The beach from Oak Avenue north to Oceanside is not part of the California State Parks system, like other beaches in Carlsbad, and therefore has limited services. In recent years, the number of people using the beach in northern Carlsbad has increased, prompting safety concerns. The City of Carlsbad police and fire departments respond to emergency calls in this area but do not patrol the beach like lifeguards would.

The City of Carlsbad is developing a plan to provide lifeguard service and increase law enforcement in this area. You can help by giving us input on these issues:
  • Safety concerns
  • The need for additional enforcement of laws affecting the beach area
  • Potential impacts to property owners along Ocean Street and the surrounding neighborhood
  • Beach usage patterns


* 1. During the summer, on average, about how many times a month do you visit the beach north of Oak Avenue (see map) in Carlsbad?

* 2. What about other times of year?  About how many times a month?

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