How best to serve the migrant and ethnic communities of Hamilton

The Shama Community Development Scheme was developed to:
  • Create and strengthen community connections
  • Help ethnic groups and migrants become more resilient and resourced
  • Tap into the richness of cultural diversity
  • Develop migrant youth leadership skills
  • Maximize quality of life
The CDS Community Development Worker wants to know from the migrant and ethnic communities what events and projects would best suit their needs and interests.

* 1. Might being a part of an ethnic business network in Hamilton help you/add value to your business?  (The EBN provides referral and mentoring services, networking events, workshops for professional development, support groups for women and youth entrepreneurs, and advocacy for ethnic businesses.)

* 2. Might you be interested in participating in an inter-generational multi-cultural art project?  (About the project: young people interview the older generation of their own culture for stories which highlight cultural traditions that sustained, stewarded, developed and nourished the social, spiritual, and ecological aspects of that culture?)

* 3. If you are a migrant/ethnic parent, might you be interested to participate in a parenting workshop or group of parents who's children are about the same age as yours in order learn techniques to navigate the intercultural and parental challenges you might face?

* 4. If you have a need for assistance or if you would like more information about housing, please choose which topics interest you the most.

* 5. If you are interested in a regenerative economy that cares about people and the environment, what activities most interest you?

* 6. If you are interested in more affordable organic produce, please indicate your specific needs/interests.

* 7. Would you be interested in learning facilitation skills to help make meetings and group work more productive and efficient?  (Like learning skills about setting a meeting agenda, managing a diversity of voices in a meeting, making group decisions, resolving group conflict)?

* 8. Do you think you or others in your cultural group would like to co-host a cultural evening for others to get to know your culture better?  Activities that could be done include: having a quiz on the country & culture, playing traditional music, demonstrating how to make a traditional dish, telling a story from your country, etc.)  Shama would help with the logistics and funding for the food & venue.

* 9. What other activity, topic, or project do you think would add great value to your migrant/ethnic community or for you personally?  (which addresses the needs and interests that exist within your ethnic community or for you as a migrant?)

* 10. You are invited to share your name and contact details so we may take action on those things you've shared.