Improvements Ranking Survey for Navarre Beach
Santa Rosa County Tourist Development Office is seeking public community input for possible future amenities/projects for the Navarre/Navarre Beach areas. Please rank which of the following amenities are most desired. These options are subject to funding availability.

Tourist Development Tax (TDT) can only be used for purposes enumerated in section 125.0104 (5) (a) and (b), Florida Statutes. (Authorized uses of revenue.) Counties must ensure that they do not spend TDT dollars for other purposes. Attractions such as movie theaters, bowling alleys and private owned businesses are not eligible for TDT tax funding.

Question Title

* 1. Using the list of Navarre Beach amenities provided, please drag and drop the options in order of priority, from most wanted to least wanted.

Question Title

* 2. What improvements do you think should be prioritized that were not listed above?

Thank you for your time in completing this survey.