BAMBOO Nourishing Body Polish

BAMBOO Nourishing Body Polish Product Testing Questionnaire

Thank you for participating in the testing of our Nourishing Body Polish. Your feedback is crucial to us as we strive to create the best possible product for our customers. This short questionnaire will help us understand your experience with the product, including application, scent, and effects on your skin. Please answer the following questions based on your usage over the past testing period. Your honest and detailed responses will greatly assist us in improving our formulation. Thank you for your time and valuable insights!
1.Application Experience: How easy was it to apply the product to your skin?
2.Application Experience: Did the product spread smoothly on your skin?
3.Scent: How would you describe the scent of the body polish?
4.Scent: Is the scent strength adequate for you?
5.Usage Experience: How did your skin feel immediately after using the body polish?
6.Usage Experience: Did you experience any irritation or discomfort?
7.Post-Use Effects: How did your skin feel the next day?
8.Frequency of Use: How often did you use the product during the testing period?
9.Product Consistency and Stability: Did the product maintain a stable consistency at room temperature (68-80°F)?
10.Additional Feedback: Do you have any additional comments or suggestions for improving the product?