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Customer attitudes toward new practice of Waste Management in Kuwait


This survey attempts to collect information about the individual’s attitudes and perception towards adapting new practice to manage their waste in Kuwait. As the current traditional methods of managing house and business waste are argued to be linked significantly to the major health issues that are emerging those days among the Kuwaiti society. Also, those methods are decreasing the areas of land that are suitable for housing because of the landfill approach. So, through this study we are trying to measure people level of awareness about this issue. In addition, to measure the degree of commitment they are willing to do.


You will be given set of questions and you try your best to answer them as much accurate as you can. The questionnaire consists of 28 questions and will take approximately 8 minutes or less. This questionnaire will be conducted with the on-line Survey-Monkey platform.

There are no direct benefits for participants. However, it is hoped that through your participation, researcher will learn more about people level of awareness and commitment toward environmental issue linked with their waste management, which will help to plan better for establishing initiatives that preserve the environment against such threats.


All data obtained from participants will be kept confidential and will only be reported in an aggregate format (by reporting only combined results and never reporting individual ones). All questionnaires will be concealed, and no one other than then primary investigator will have access to them.


Participation in this research study is completely voluntary. You have the right to withdraw at anytime or refuse to participate entirely. If you desire to withdraw, please close your internet browser and notify the primary investigator at this email: ( fa00093@surrey.ac.uk ).

Questions about the Research

If you have questions regarding this study, you may contact
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