CME Evaluation

As the producers of "Risk Management Monthly," we're interested in receiving your input regarding the program. Thank you for taking the time to complete this brief online survey. Your participation will help to ensure that RMM will meet your informational needs.

* 1. The educational objectives of the "Risk Management Monthly" program are to enable participants to identify the elements of ED care that are associated with increased malpractice risk, discuss methods of ameliorating medicolegal risks, define the elements of closed emergency medicine malpractice claims, and implement personal and departmental practices designed to reduce malpractice risk in the ED and improve overall patient outcomes. In your opinion, does RMM meet its stated objectives?

* 2. Do you feel that there is industry bias on the part of the RMM commentators?

* 3. The selection of educational material is appropriate for the target audience.

* 4. The format / teaching methods are appropriate.

* 5. With regard to the RMM enduring material program (please check all that apply):

* 6. I will change my medical practice behavior in a manner that reduces medicolegal risk and enhances patient outcomes.

* 7. I feel that the content of the program is evidence-based.

* 8. Please comment on your perceptions regarding the RMM faculty and guest commentators.

* 9. Any comments regarding the audio/internet components?

* 10. Any suggestions regarding future topics?

* 11. Do you feel that "Risk Management Monthly" has provided useful insights into methods for minimizing your medicolegal risk?

* 12. Are you aware that you have access to RMM via the internet at no additional charge? Do you use this feature with any frequency? (If no, and you want to access RMM online, contact our office at 1-800-458-4779.)

* 13. If you have any questions about our programs, our office staff is available at 1-800-458-4779, Monday thru Friday, 9AM to 4PM Eastern time. Do you have any additional comments about RMM?