Artist Engagement Pilot Program 2019

Artist Engagement (AE) Pilot Program will be rolled out in 3 stages over 2019. This is the first stage. The program will be evaluated periodically through action research and we want to hear from you. Thank you for giving your time.
Artist Engagement meets disabled artists as authorities on their own work. We provide information and resources to build artist’s capacity to thrive within inclusive artistic and industry contexts.

Artist Engagement
addresses the barriers to professional development and employment in the arts for artists with disability and those who are Deaf. In later roll outs we will offer coaching, internships, residencies and employment pathways.

Artist Engagement builds relationships and partnerships across the arts, education, training, and employment sec­tors. We develop strategies and programs to support sustainable career pathways for disabled artists within the creative arts industry.

Artist Engagement showcases and awards the achievements of disabled artists as they take their place in the arts as cultural leaders and innovators. Our current projects include:

·         Awards & Scholarships
·         Curated Exhibitions
·         Auspiced events
·         Financial Scholarships
·         Hot Desks