Comcast Franchise Renewal Survey - 2017

The County of Prince George, VA is currently in the process of reviewing the operation of Comcast in anticipation of renewing the franchise agreement with the County. Your comments and input are an important part of this review. We ask your help by completing this survey about your current television provider. Deadline for participation in this survey is October 20, 2017.

This survey does not apply to internet or phone service.

* 1. Address of cable television service (physical address, NOT mailing address):

* 2. How do you receive your television signal?

* 3. About how long have you received your signal this way?

* 4. In the last 10 years have you changed providers from the one listed above?

* 5. Are you satisfied with the picture and sound quality of your current service?

* 6. Are you satisfied with the reliability? (Is there interruption?)

* 7. Are you satisfied with the way your service provider communicates with you (ie. written notice, email, etc.?)

* 8. If you required a service visit, did they respond in a timely manner and keep the designated appointment time?

* 9. Are you satisfied with the overall customer service?

* 10. Do you currently have Comcast television cable service? If YES, please continue with survey, if NO, please scroll down to end survey.

* 11. Have you visited the local Comcast office for service or questions regarding your account? If NO, please skip to Question 13.

* 12. Please describe your experience at the local Comcast office by selecting an option for each statement.

  Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
Your problem or inquiry was resolved.
The service or waiting time
The attitude of the Comcast personnel.

* 13. With regard to Comcast programming, please indicate to which tier you currently subscribe:

* 14. Please describe your viewing preferences and how often you watch the following:

  Frequently Occasionally Seldom Never
Major networks (CBS NBC, ABC, FOX)
Public television (channels 12 and 13, CN8, CSPAN)
News channels (CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, CNBC, etc.)
Movie channels – Premium Service (AMC, TBS, TNT, USA, LIFE, A&E)
Paid Movie Channels (HB, TMC, MAX, SHO, ENC)
Home Shopping
Music or entertainment channels – Premium Service (MTV, VH1, COM, WB, BET)
The Weather Channel
The Food Network
The Animal Planet
Discovery, The Learning Channel, The History channel
EWTN or other religious programming
Disney, Nickelodeon, TOON
The Game Show
Spanish language programming
Spike, Sci-Fi, FX

* 15. Have you called the Comcast Customer Service telephone number for service or an inquiry? If NO, please skip to Question 17.

* 16. Please describe your experience with your call(s) to Comcast Customer Service by selecting an option to each statement.

  Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
Your problem or inquiry was resolved.
The service or wait times were prompt.
The attitude of the Comcast personnel

* 17. Have you requested an appointment for a service visit or installation in the last 12 months?  If NO, please skip to Question 19.

* 18. With regard to your service visit or installation, please make a selection to each of the following:

  Yes No
If a service problem, was it fixed on the first call?
If an installation, was it done promptly?
Did you experience unreasonable delays in the service or waiting time?
Was the Comcast technician courteous?
Did the Comcast technician answer your questions satisfactorily?

* 19. Please indicate if you have experienced any of the following within the last year?

  Yes No
A complete loss of signal for several hours.
Poor quality of picture on all channels at the same time.
Poor quality of picture on a single channel.
Problems with Comcast cable boxes in your home.
Problems with Comcast wiring or connections to your home.
Problems with seasonal connection or disconnection.

* 20. Have you ever contacted the Federal Communications Commission with a complaint about Comcast?

* 21. Are the Comcast bill and the rate structure easy to understand?

* 22. Do you think Comcast’s prices are reasonable considering the products they provide?

* 23. Comcast offers many types of programs. Added programs often are used to support rate increase requests. Would you favor:

  Yes No
Fewer channels at a lower price?
More channels, even with a rate increase?
Leaving selections and prices where they are?

* 24. Have you ever considered alternatives to Comcast because of cost, such as satellite transmission?

* 25. Do you think that Prince George County, VA should renew its agreement with Comcast, considering that there are not other cable television franchises at the moment?

* 26. Should Prince George County, VA have a public access channel?

* 27. Any comments about this Comcast franchise renewal request?