heARTful, adj., awareness from and leading with the heart with ART at the center

Early in 2017, Susan & Rebecca will offer a series of intimate creativity-centered experiences in a space called heARTful. As we make plans in the coming months, we would love your thoughts and feedback on topics and scheduling.

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* 1. Concept ~ The mission of heARTful is to offer short (1-4 hour) experiences for living a creative life. These intimate experiences (approximately 10 participants or fewer) in a beautiful (and unusual) space would cover a wide range of topics.

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* 2. Topics ~ The subject matter we play with at heARTful will be wide-ranging but some of our ideas for early experiences are below. Please rank your level of interest in these topics and add ideas for other things you’d love to do!

  Wow! Sounds Great! Yes, I like it. Hmm, could be cool. Meh, doesn’t do much for me.
The Fun Cycle: Get More Done and Get Better Results by Having More Fun
Deepening Observation: Meditation, Writing & Drawing
The Distraction Illness: Balancing the Addictiveness of Technology with the Opportunity for Connection
I Am An Artist: What Happens When You Claim the Title
Interactive Artist Events – invited artists offer insights into their work and creative process then teach participants a skill or process
Mending Workshop – take beloved but wounded clothes and make them into works of art
Cooking Class: Creative & Seasonal Salad Construction + Blender Dressings
Holiday Survival Kit: Edible Gifts, Centering Meditation, Creative Strategies

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* 3. Scheduling ~ Presuming that most events are 2-4 hours, please indicate your preferred times

  Wow! Sounds Great! Yes, I like it. Hmm, could be cool. Meh, doesn’t do much for me.
Weekday morning
Weekday afternoon
Weekday evening
Weekend morning
Weekend afternoon