This is an anonymous survey that will help gauge how well the City is doing with the business and development sectors within the community, and to begin addressing any concerns. There are 6 questions which should take about 2-3 minutes to complete. We appreciate your participation. Please respond by October 9, 2013. Thank you!

* 1. How satisfied are you with the overall value that you receive for your city tax dollars and fees?

* 2. How likely would you be to recommend the City of Lee’s Summit to others as a place to do business?

* 3. How easy and convenient is it for you to do business with the City?

* 4. Do you feel the City is a business friendly community?

* 5. Why or why not?

* 6. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the quality of City programs and services.
(Parks, Water, Fire, Police, Streets, etc)

* 7. Are you:

* 8. Business name?

* 9. May we contact you to discuss your responses?

* 10. Contact information (if you selected 'Yes' to the previous question).

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